Partnerships - a leading provider of Intellectual & Developmental Disability Support

About Partnerships

Since 1983, Partnerships for People, Inc. has played a vital role in delivering services for people with disabilities to realize their life’s vision. Through our community-based system of support, the people we serve have been able to live and work in the homes and communities of their choosing. Our experienced and certified staff provide a comprehensive support network throughout most of Northern and Central New Jersey. In our 30+ years of existence, we have developed a proven service model which reflects our person-centered philosophy towards fulfilling our mission. Partnerships for People provides residential and community supports, in-home supports, supported employment, life skill management, and transitional services for individuals with disabilities throughout our service area. A true leader and trailblazer in serving individuals, we provide a full range of person-centered services which are designed to meet each individual’s s unique needs. Partnerships for People is funded by the New Jersey Department of Human Services.



"Respect and Dignity for Every Human Life."

The philosophy and purpose that drive all services provided by Partnerships for People is a belief that all people benefit from having choice, control, and responsibility for their life. We partner with individuals we serve to develop a person-centered plan which creates a vision for the life they want to live. This is the first step in realizing a life which empowers their hopes, dreams, and right to live a life of free choice.

The second step is to provide opportunities, resources, and a coordinated system of care that supports them as they take responsibility for reaching their goals of self-sufficiency, community membership, and personal growth.

All individuals experience changes and continued development through the course of a lifetime. Individual needs vary with growth and development. It is the goal of Partnerships for People to provide opportunities that encourage continuous growth and development through all stages of their adult life. Services are designed to regularly engage individuals whom we serve in experiences that empower.

Our staff members are trained to deliver a professional level of support which is designed to meet each individual’s diverse and unique interests and needs. Partnerships for People’s coordinated system of support is reinforced in every integral part of our operation.



Partnerships for People, Inc. is a non-profit organization, licensed by the New Jersey Department of Human Services, Division of Developmental Rehabilitation, and the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities. These and other certifications may be inspected at our Administrative Headquarters in Florham Park, NJ, during regular business hours. To maintain the highest integrity and confidentiality, we maintain our own quality assurance processes, as well as participate in regular audits by all certifying and licensing organizations.