Human Rights Committee

The Human Rights Committee at Partnerships is committed to the people we serve and their rights. In the spirit of this, we want to be made aware of any and all concerns pertaining to the rights of the ones we serve. 

The Human Rights Committee is an open forum to staff and families concerned with any and all Human Rights issues. The committee will hold quarterly public meetings where you can join and elaborate with us on or you can submit through the form below.

What is a Human Rights Violation?  Below are some examples.

  • Is the individual being denied the right to advocate for themselves?

  • Are his/her wishes being considered when decisions are being made about his/her life?

  • Is the individual being allowed to choose to take a Risk after the consequences for taking that action have been discussed?

  • Should the individual be forced to follow a plan of action if that plan is in the best interest of the individual? For example, doctor's orders or participate in some daytime activity

  • Is the guardian overstepping their oversight of the individual?

  • Is a staff or some other person manipulating the individual in some way that will negatively impact the individual?

*Please keep in mind: Any incidents of abuse, nelect, or exploitation are covered under the the Stephen Komninos Law are are reportable to DDD.

If your issue meets this criteria, then please fill out a form below and it will be added to the agenda of the next Committee meeting, in which all are welcome to join to discuss the topics at hand. 

If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to email the committee directly at