Keesha Thompson, CESP

Supported Employment Coordinator, PFP

Keesha Thompson, Certified Employment Support Professional, has over 10 years of experience working with adults with developmental disabilities. She has worked in recreational, vocational, and day program settings. She has also worked as a Support Program Specialist, which allows her to become extremely helpful with her clients and their families transition into Medicaid Fee for Service.

Throughout all her experience Keesha has always been passionate in regards to any and everyone having the opportunity to work. This aligns with New Jersey’s “Employment First” initiative which means “Competitive employment in the general workforce is the first and preferred post education outcome for people with any type of disability.”



Keesha continues to advocate for her individuals on a daily basis through her work with Partnerships For People. She vigorously trains her team and helps them become strong advocates by providing them opportunities to obtain knowledge of all aspects of Supported Employment through various trainings and on-site coaching. Keesha continues to pursue certifications in order to enhance her knowledge and capabilities when it comes to advocating and working for adults with disabilities.