Susan Marano

Director of Program Integrity, PFP

Susan oversees the Department of Quality Assurance and Compliance for the agency.  She and her QA associate provides regular audits of the services being provided by Partnerships’ residential, community-based, and supportive employment departments.  They assess the services being provided to determine if those services are meeting the needs of the individuals the Agency supports, and they make recommendations where needed, for improvement.  In addition, this department assists with staff trainings and handles all unusual incidents and investigations. 



Susan has been with Partnerships for over 17 years, previously providing case management support for Individuals and their families in Essex, NJ and Union, NJ counties through an agency contract with DDD.

Susan has a BA in English and an MA in Guidance.  Her previous employment includes several years teaching English on both the middle school and high school levels.  She has also spent much of her life involved as a community leader in civic organizations.  Susan raised three sons, one of whom was developmentally disabled, and has been an advocate for the rights of individuals with disabilities.

In November 2018, Susan received a leadership award from the NJ Community Providers Association for her commitment and work at Partnerships for People.